Machine park

Machining processes

Machine types

CNC turning

2x TRAUB TNA 300, driven tools, C-axis, rod loading magazine up to Ø 65mm, billets up to Ø 200mm


2x EMCO E65TCM, driven tools, C-axis, billets up to Ø 200mm

CNC milling

1x horizontal machining center HECKERT CWK-500 D, pallet size 630 x 500
X750 x Y750 x Z700 (hydraulic multi-pressure clamping),
with 4th axis


1x horizontal machining center Heckert HEC 500 Athletic, pallet size 630x500
X1000 x Y800 x Z1000, with 4th axis

  2x 5-axis machining center HERMLE C20 U X600 Y450 Z450
  All machining centers are equipped with infrared probes


Diverse upright and bench drills, mechanic's lathes, thread tapping machines, etc.


Automatic band saw BEHRINGER HBP 413A up to Ø 400mm

Quality assurance

Tool presetting machine ZOLLER-V420 MAGNUM, digital imaging, contactless measuring and setting


3D CNC measuring machine ZEISS-ECLIPSE, X1000 x Y1000


3D CNC measuring machine ZEISS DURAMAX


2x 2D height measuring instruments MAUSER-Capax 2000


Diverse digital three-point internal, external and linear measuring instruments


Contour measuring instrument ConturoMatic T2


Air-conditioned measuring chamber

Certifications ensure high standards of quality and compliance with quality assurance. It goes without saying that we meet these standards. Our company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015.
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DEWETEC Präzisionsteile GmbH is your partner for the production of series and assemblies of highest precision.
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Die Keil Feinmechanik GmbH bietet unter anderem CNC-Fertigung von Drehteilen und Bauelementen aus Stählen, Gusswerkstoffen, NE-Metallen und Kunststoffen.
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